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Blackberry Wednesday

Blackberry Wednesday arrived on the music scene in 2007 with a fresh sound that can only be found in Memphis. A blend of pop, rock, and a little Memphis soul has set them apart from other bands. In 2008, guitarist Lucien Croy and vocalist Rod Henson began writing an array of energizing and catchy songs that have resonated with fans. Rounding out the line up with drummer David Wade, guitarist Chris Leerskov, and bassist Matt Martone further enhanced the sound that is Blackberry Wednesday. The combination of these elements has captivated a fan base that is quickly expanding. Blackberry Wednesday has played many Memphis venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, New Daisy Theater, Newby’s, and Minglewood Hall, and also made several appearances on the “Live @ 9” show on WREG Memphis Channel 3. In early 2010, Blackberry Wednesday released their debut CD “Start Again.” The band is now traveling to cities outside the Memphis, Tennessee area, and is coming soon “LIVE” to a town near you!