BlackBox Pulse


BlackBox Pulse was created by traders for traders. We are different from many firms on the street, not only do we offer leverage, low commissions, and several trading platforms but we offer our proprietary BlackBox. Traders can execute their own strategy, mix theirs with ours or trade our strategy exclusively. We give the traders the freedom they deserve.

BlackBox Pulse has been trading equities and forex since 1994 and became a fully functioning BlackBox during the past few years. Technology is where its at, humans can NOT react as fast as a computer, can NOT think as fast as a computer, so why not take advantage of today's computer power.

Come visit us in our conference room.

Watch the signals, see live comments from our head trader as he trades along with you. Receive our signals free, never a charge. Use our BlackBox free, never a charge. Trade Forex commission FREE. See how profitable you can be when taking advantage of today's computing power.

Our Past:

On Wall Street since 1994

Managed trading desk at Summit Brokerage which later became part of FleetBoston and eventually Bank of America

Launched mutual fund relationships at Summit Brokerage

Managed trading desk at Etrade serving both retail and institutional clients


Developed and launched algorithm for trading Equities and Forex

Managing traders who currently utilize our algorithm

Manage proprietary trading on both Equities and Forex

Handle institutional clients which utilize our algorithm