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Effective January 2013, Blackbright News will be focussing on stigma relating to mental health conditions and seeking ways to redress stereotyping. Previous issues have been focussed on redressing negative stereotypes to do with black people.

Blackbright News wishes to enable people who have felt stigmatised or stereotyped because of their race, health condition, sexual orientation, age, disability or because they've been abused, and intends to do this by 1) disclosing the personal experiences of famous and non-famous individuals who have openly shared similar challenges, 2) researching and publishing relevant information, 3) securing contributions from Health Professionals, Poets and Writers and, 4) promoting wellness products that range from food to music.

Blackbright News is a black-led quarterly magazine that will report on biased situations, regardless of situation, race, age, gender, political/religious affiliation, sexual orientation, educational background or health status. We are prepared to receive information in most formats, e.g., illustrations, poetry, short stories, letters, statements or feature articles, preferably supported by images/photos. If anyone feels uncertain about their writing ability, we can arrange for a telephone (or face-to-face) interview, whereby we can type up the information, treat it confidentially and it will be published anonymously.

Blackbright News is a philanthropic publication that is self-financed and thrives on the resourcefulness, resilience and commitment of its members. We are seeking financial and non-financial support through sponsorships, advertising, representation, the submission of stories, and volunteer graphic
designers, photographers, journalists, proof-readers and promoters.

As a way of creating opportunities to enable individuals/ businesses to support Blackbright News, while building up their
business/personal profile, we are selling advertising space for products and services in our publication at competitive rates and, in return - the paid advert will be accompanied by a same-size press release or feature on their product. Email: for more info.

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