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Blackbright Newseum, a ‘Literary Memorial’, developed by Myrna Loy, Founder of Blackbright News, is for anyone who has been impacted by a violent death or who has lost a loved one suddenly.

When someone has been killed, or is dying from wounds, co-victims can be left traumatised for a long time afterwards. In collaboration with DMK (‘Depression related to the Murdered and their Killers’) Counselling & Advisory Services (DMK), who offer counselling and support to survivors, Blackbright Newseum is a quarterly Outreach Periodical designed to immortalise the memory of loved ones and leave them with fond images.

Survivors of violent crimes are constantly reminded of a corpse, a faded photograph or the scene of the crime by news media; so for many survivors of loved ones who have died violently, those are their last memories – a loved one is reduced to a statistic or news item. For paramedics working to save a life – they can be traumatised too. We tend to think that those first to attend the scene of a crime, are immune to murder - they are not!

Blackbright Newseum will dedicate 5 pages of commemorative memorabilia to co-victims who want to submit their experiences, poems, and stories to revive the positive memories they have of those they have lost, or the Editor can create this for you by arranging an interview and taking down some details.

Survivors may want others to know how important the deceased was to them and share their special qualities. Co-workers, family members, friends and partners of victims who are termed as ‘gang members’, may want to share the side they knew and loved - aspects that cannot be covered in an Obituary Column. Blackbright Newseum is providing survivors and co-victims, regardless of ethnicity, religion or race, the opportunity to raise the profile of a deceased loved one through their Literary Memorial.

Blackbright Newseum will include signposting, helpful information and advice for survivors, as well as commemorative submissions, so that Blackbright Newseum can be a valuable resource for future generations, while serving as a Legacy for the people of Luton.

So, if a loved one died tragically or suddenly, and you were unable to commemorate their death at the time, due to grief and trauma – you can do it now. Myrna Loy, is also a surrealist painter, who is able to immortalise loved ones throug

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