Lakelia DeLoach-Lucas

Writer, Nurse, and Mother in Detroit, Michigan

Lakelia "Byrd" DeLoach-Lucas was born June 10, 1986 and raised in Flint, Michigan. Known by many friends as the "goofy girl", the "advice giver", the "sweetheart" and the "go-to friend", Byrd has proven to be all about support. The name Byrd came from her grandmother Virginia Ann who called her "Tweety Bird" due to her large head, yellow skin and pigeon toed feet. Lakelia began writing the books that she put aside in her marriage and throughout her life after her divorce. She also started motivational speaking under her company BlackByrd Inc. with her seminars titled "Lovely Ladies", Byrd speaks to young ladies of all ages about the important of education, STD's, HIV, teen pregnancy, self-respect, self-motivation and more. She also started a business, Sincerely, You LLC, which is her personal writing service where she does custom cards and baskets, engagement proposals, resumes and much more. Now with the launch of her first non-fiction book titled "Get Over Him Girl: The moving on manual" and two fiction titles, Byrd plans to help women of all ages and colors get over a break-up with a step by step plan she created after her divorce and give others reading material they won't be able to get enough of. She is still writing working on numerous fiction books. Byrd, now 29 years old, lives in Detroit, MI with her husband and daughter.

  • Education
    • Brown Mackie College - Akron