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Formed in 2011 after much aleing and whining, Blackdown are balls out, high octane, melodic metallers. They're unashamedly about the hooks, the hell raising and the heavy metal!

Comprising of Kate Maunsell - kicking the shit out of the girly stereotypes - on vocals and uniting the slick shreds of Dan Ranger and the low strung squeals of Flash Bolt on guitars, Blackdown are kept tight and tasty by Jon Ewen on skins and Roger Bugg on the bass.

With duelling guitars, catchy choruses and neck numbing grooves, Blackdown are an amalgamation of the last 30 years of rock and metal, making no apology for their willingness to cross generic boundaries.

With the recent release of the debut EP to much acclaim, Blackdown intend to take on the metal scene a town at a time... watch the hell out!