Black Essence

It all started in the year 1989, when a two year old little girl, soon to be known as "BlackEssence", beat her first video game on Nintendo's "Gameboy". It was that very moment when "little essence" knew she wanted to make am impact in the gaming community using a medium that she grew up to love and cherish. It was in 2004, when BlackEssence decided that it was time she made her voice known in the gaming world and in 2007, blackessence officially declared her presence, not only being widely known in The Sims community, but also on youtube where game company moguls like EA, Thatgamecompany, and Sony Playstation discovered her and her love of gaming as well as some of their gaming franchises.

On a Personal Note:

There are many things that people are afraid to talk about and address, especially in the gaming world. This is what I do. This is what I was destined to do. I am a black female gamer. So what, you say? Many people who say that very statement really don't understand what kind of an impact that has in the gaming world. Sometimes, I feel like I'm on another planet. Black female gamers are really the most unrecognized target group in the gaming world. Not just by the gaming industry, but by black females themselves. I'm proud to be a "lady gamer", which is a term I use to describe what kind of gamer I am. Any girl can be a female gamer, but a lady gamer is totally different from those types of gamers. I am here to teach and educate about that very thing. To be that voice for all ethnic, not just black women, lady gamers who have expressed to me on occasions that they hide their love for gaming because of the negative influences from friends and family. People are right when they say that "gaming sees no skin color", and that is true...sometimes. But, what happens when those "sometimes" come about? Why does everyone disregard them and then get angry when someone like me address them? We are all human, but there are also people, gamers and people who work in the gaming industry, who do see color. Sometimes they sneak it into gaming and actually think no one will notice it. They haven't met me yet.

That is why I have made it my life goal to bring equality to the gaming industry for all woman. Hey, I like to blow stuff up with the best of them and I want to be respected for having such as skill as well be recogonized the RIGHT way for it.