James Larsen

I am an Entrepreneur, Political Advisor, Business Consultant, Professional Gamer, World Traveler, Physics Professor, Freelance Writer, but I am firstly an American that is trying to drive the infrustruture of our Country to a point of general prosperaty for the 99%.

Started at the age of 12 becoming a professional gamer across multiple platforms, venue's, and systems. Winning countless accolades and income to the point where I could branch out from an area that I was slowing decreasing in skill. Using my winnings I harnesed my creativity to start inventing

My first Invention was at the age of 15, After Years of odd jobs to supplement my work within three years of hard labor I have 30+ inventions.

I have been an indepentent Entreupuenr within the Video Game industry. E-commerce Director with years of experience with B2B relations. Social media Optimization and Marketing director for multiple business around the globe from technology information to candy stores.

I specialize in social media marketing within the niche market of 14-36 yearr old males. Working with a wide range of companies to better improve their revenue and feedback from their core demographic.

I am currently involved in several start-up ventures, providing marketing and business development services. with clinical expertise in Human Capital Asset Management and Organizational Development and help investors find profitable companies that yeild a ROI ranging from 15-30% compounded yearly and increase ROE into the 10-25% range.

My motto, it is always worth a try, but I always live by "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."