Phylicia Wilford


I am a 20-something, black woman, young professional, a novice blogger, social worker, recent college graduate (with A LOT of student loan debt), admirer of all things fabulous and I LOVE to shop! Like sooooo many others, I WISH I could spend infinite amounts of money on new clothes, shoes, bags… Unfortunately, Mrs. Sallie Mae has to get paid!

With that being said, thrifting has allowed me to feed my shopping appetite with out feeling regretful. Thrifting is like partying without the hang over, taking medicine without the horrible side effects and eating as much as I want with out the dreaded weight gain. Thrifting is guilt free retail therapy for me!

Hopefully by visiting my blog, you will gain great insight on thrifting and become a avid thrifter too! I will post my lastest finds, great deals, and new trends. Please feel free to comment, share, and spread the word about thrifting (and my blog!).

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