Gary Ray Anderson Jr.

Modesto, California, United States

I have writing since Sophmore year of high school. I started writing a Military Fiction called Espionage in early 2007 while having nothing else to do at the time. After writing for some time I took time away from it to start another book called Iberian Tales in late 2007. Due to moving and starting college in mid-2011, I took almost 3 years away from writing to try and focus on school.

Currently I am working on Espionage and hoping to have it finished soon to publish it via eBook and Paperback through Amazon's publishing services. I also hope to send my manuscripts in to several mainstream publishers like Tor and Random House.

While writing Espionage: The Beginning, the first novel in my Espionage: WWIII trilogy, I am attending Kaplan College in Salida, CA for Criminal Justice. I will graduate with my A.S in Criminal Justice in late 2015 and hope that by the summer of 2016 I will be employed as a law enforcement officer somewhere near to where I currently live.

Several other novels or short-stories I am currently working on are an Autobiography about my childhood and how I have been able to survive, a Romance novel about a young man who happens to be a genius, as well as writing Espionage: The Beginning and Iberian Tales.

I hope to have Espionage: The Beginning finished and edited to perfection by the end of 2014, hopefully sooner.

  • Education
    • Kaplan College
    • College of the Sequoias