Welcome to the Blackhouse ...

I am a twenty-one year old aspiring fashion designer and CEO, currently living in one big city, with eyes, heart and every intention on reaching my goal destination of another big city. My preferred style is structured and modern with moderate (to sometimes heavy) classic and vintage influences, for both the male and female fashion counterparts. I have been fascinated with the beauty and business aspect of the fashion world for around six and a half years now, and while some may look at my age and lack of working know-how for the in's and out's of this business as a downfall or possible tasking teaching process, I would like to beg to differ. With this deep understanding of such lackings, it brings an eagerness in myself to devour the proper techniques and learnings of this specific career genre, and I believe my ability to please, perfect and co-operate with others makes me a lovely candidate for this dream I am hoping to bring to a bright, lively and long lasting life. I am highly confident that with the proper teachers, and to be left to my own senses in such an intoxicating location, I can not only better myself as a human being and help a current label/and or business grow, but I can quite possibly become just as good, if not better, than the talented well known names and faces of the fashion world today.

I currently work in the field of Retail, having been in charge of two departments of our store, Supervisory roles, and now learning the business aspect of our company.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, writing, painting/drawing, charity work, crafts or anything I can make with my hands, hosting parties, reading, designing (whether that be fashion or interior, which I get the joy of expressing on my Polyvore page, that you can find here) and sometimes if I really give in to my inner female, catching up on the latest sales can be high on the priority list for the day.

For any inquires, and more information on myself, please feel free to contact me either here at blackhouse@about.me or my primary e-mail at whysobluenavy@gmail.com

Thank you for your time.