Jennifer Black

Amherst, Massachusetts

A diligent mechanical engineering student, I spent most of my days down in good ol' Elab working on assignment after never-ending assignment. Will this translate into a career someday? As a senior in college, I certainly hope so. In what field? Possibly aerospace, but only time will tell. As long as I'm challenged but what I do, I'm happy. Naturally, this usually isn't too much to ask for in engineering.

In what free time I have, I enjoy kayaking. Nothing relieves my stresses quite like leaving the world behind and embarking on a simply journey to the lake for an afternoon. Sitting in my kayak, I’m almost directly at the water level, and I can feel the gentle push and pull of the waves in the breeze. I can see the fish, big and small, swimming by, completely unaware of my existence just above them. And for me, this experience is priceless.

  • Work
    • Anderson Power Products
  • Education
    • UMass Amherst
    • Taunton High School