Tina Blackledge

Windber, Pennsylvania U.S.A

Writing is what consumes my time these days but I have worked in a variety of careers. I have been a line cook, a night manager at a gas station, a high school teacher (history), and finally a counselor. I dedicated my energies to helping broken children and adults, who have been grossly mistreated by humanity.

However, I was born with a dibilitating disease, which altered my career path to being an unemployed, unpublished writer. I seek knowledge, wisdom, understanding within the madness that is life. I have never known a single moment in my life that did not contain pain but it has made me stronger, compassionate, and with the ability to develop a strong faith in my Creator. I believe we all have a very specific purpose in this life but that we must choose to fulfill that purpose or waste our time here. If you are not actively trying to reduce the suffering of others in this world then you are wasting your life, for there is no greater purpose than to help those in need.

I have three wonderful dogs but no children, which allows me plenty of time for my writing. I write from my heart and can be very passionate about my thoughts and beliefs. I feel intensely, everything and am accutely aware of the suffering of others. My idea of a relaxing evening is reading a great book with a hot cup of tea or watching a fantastic movie. I have two beautiful, intelligent sisters whom I love dearly. I am in constant search of finding moments of awe, being inspired, wisdom, and finding moments of joy and laughter. I write a blog on wordpress.com that holds many of my passionate expressions. I welcome all emails and communications. If you have any questions about my blog, my writing, chronic pain and disability, being a long-term care taker of an ailing parent, learning disabilty, dealing with obesity in America, or many other topics then just drop me a line.

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    • Writer
  • Education
    • M.S. Human services with a self-concentrated study of child abuse