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Blackleg Woodworks

Auckland, New Zealand

Blackleg Woodworks are based in Auckland, New Zealand, are cabinet makers who create custom made furniture to order. Each piece we make is handmade furniture, a guarantee that you are receiving a truly distinctive piece of furniture.

As cabinetmakers we use New Zealand native wood materials such as Kauri, Rimu, Matai, Tawa and Pine. We can create and design your own individual custom piece especially for you or work with an existing design that you bring to us.

We are also capable of restoring or repairing existing pieces of wooden furniture by bringing their vitality and richness back to life. While we are cabinetmakers, another service we provide is the build, design and install of stained glass windows, a skill that we have been practicing for over 15 years.

So for a unique piece of furniture that is distinctive to you and your home alone, Blackleg Woodworks bespoke cabinet makers create your custom piece of furniture.

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