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Alikina Iubhar

I'm a counselor in Fountain, Colorado (Very close to Colorado Springs). I think of counseling as the emotional version of being a wilderness guide. Each of us is on a journey, and none of us should have to take every step alone. My clients are the experts on their own journeys; I'm the one who suggests what to pack, knows how to go up, over, or through the tough spots. I have a lot of tools and skills to help you through the hard places, and I'm thrilled to help celebrate the achievements.

My focus is with survivors of abuse, assault, neglect, and trauma; people with PTSD or dissociative disorders; people who self injure; people working on gender issues, GLBT issues, creativity and communication issues, and people who want to communicate with art or movement instead of or in addition to words. I work with people who are going through a dark, scary place, people who just need a bit of a boost, people who need someone to listen and to walk with them in their journey.