Blackox Bistro

Black Ox Bistro is the place for any gormandizer of modern American halal cuisines that have

their own international twist. We are known for our elegant ambience and friendly services

when it comes to organizing a special event or just a casual party.

If you wish to savor delicious steaks, then we are there to make the experience suite you with

an everlasting impression. We, at Black Ox Bistro, work with a local Ontario family farm to bring

top quality steaks right to your plate. Enjoying local, ethically raised, never-frozen, 28 day aged

AAA Canadian beef becomes possible for Toronto halal consumer for the very first time, with


Exclusive gluten-free and vegetarian options are another offer of ours that you can relish. We

believe in making our items in-house by bringing together different fresh ingredients. Quality

makes the difference that is reflected in our offer of amazing desserts and cocktails.

All our chicken, beef and veal bacon come from HMA (Halal Monitoring Association) certified

sources, giving you an unmatchably unique dining experience.