jack ✫

hey im a 13 yr old demon guy named jack and im Kinda Fucking Stupid™

its about time i made one of these ive never made an about/byf sort of thing

i really. Dont care who u r if u follow me but heres some shit u should know anyway

i go by he/she pronouns bc whatThe fuck. and king is like th only one who uses She lol nice going val. but ya idc what pronouns u use,,also my sexuality is probably demisexual or pansexual or some shit idk i play for All th Teams but it doesnt matter because im a horrible person to date

im a gemini and an intj and a neutral evil and my hogwarts house is slytherin what did i do wrong

hablame en español si quieres ;3c

i live in ny (forest hills/manhattan area) and if your interests include kaneki ken/swordfighting/horseback riding/crying then hmu lets watch anime and eat @ ramen takumi + eight turn crepe like a coupla weebs

ok So. onto the usual stuf. i dont have any triggers or anythign so im not gnna be a bitch and just. "dnt follow me if ur 18+ cis white male uwuwuwuwuw"hahah no, but if u dont like queer ppl trigger warning for You my friend i am the gayest kid on the block

i identify as a few characters So.if u dnt like that then ok

MAIN (these kiddos are literally me sorry folks):

ciel phantomhive

ayato kirishima

SECONDARY (not me As Much but. still me):


hajime hinata

aoba seragaki

theres a few more and i dont rly talk about them as much but they Do Exist but if we share them it doesnt rly matter

i would put a list of friend kins/ids but it would be rly long and im Too Damn Lazy to put them rn gotta blast