Xoliswa Maso


What do i do?

Creativity is what defines me, I am not constrained by what others consider the norm, Thinking out of the box and giving my all to leave a lasting impression to all my clients. I am a qualified graphic designer based in Johannesburg-South Africa, with an advanced diploma in graphic design obtained 2009. Immediately after college I entered into the design industry and have 3yrs experience under my belt. I have worked in the motoring industry for those three years but am fully competent in other types of design.
My biggest challenge is challenging myself, because I am a perfectionist, so if I don't receive an awesome response from my client it pushes me to work harder towards impressing them.
I am a lady of endless talents, down to earth and God fearing. My eagerness to learn has helped prune and groom my abilities and I am always happy to learn more and believe I would be a great asset to your company.

No criticism is bad criticism; there is always a lesson behind it.
I believe I am a great team player. My personality makes me approachable, allowing for better
communication, be it with a client or their representatives.

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