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Rob Schwartz

Tokyo, Japan.

Rob Schwartz
Tokyo Bureau Chief, Billboard magazine
Film and Music Producer
Film Critic on J-Flicks program, NHK World
Rob Schwartz is a music and film journalist and producer based in Tokyo, Japan. As a journalist he covers film, music, entertainment and culture, mainly related to Japan, Korea and China. He is currently the Tokyo Bureau Chief of Billboard magazine, a position he has held since 2008, and a contributing reporter to The Hollywood Reporter. His writing and photos have also appeared in Time, Newsweek, Melody Maker, NME, Variety, and Interview magazine, among many other publications. Rob was Executive Director of the Tokyo-based dub and breakbeat imprint Play Label and is President of the Tokyo crossover label Dynastic Records. He recently cofounded the music and film production outfit Fusion for Peace Productions (F4P). In 2010 he Executive Produced the American indie film Putty Hill and currently has the feature film Stay in production with F4P. It finished principle photogrpahy in May, 2014. Rob appears on the film-themed TV show J Flicks which airs on the network NHK World, available in 270 million households’ worldwide.
Rob also develops and invests in companies and currently has 3 active entertainment companies in Japan and one in China.

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