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People who are too overweight or are obese have a real problem at hand. They have to depend on slimming pills to loose weight. Of the various pills available in the market weight control pill, Xenical is arguably the only slimming pill meant exclusively for obese and overweight people.
Xenical is primarily made of Orlistat, a compound which inhibits the secretion of lipase, a enzyme responsible for the breaking of triglycerides in the intestine. Thus Xenical, does not allow triglycerides from being converted into free fatty acids which the body can easily absorb. This surplus fat which otherwise would have got stored in the body is eliminated through bowels. Thus only up to 30% of the quantity of fat is absorbed into the bloodstream. And what is most important is that the entire process takes place in the intestinal tract of the body without causing any side effects to the brain or the nervous systems.
Xenical should be taken only with a diet low on fat. If not people may feel a sudden pain in the stomach and even get afflicted with diarrhea. It is always advisable to have the pill only after consulting a physician. This is because Xenical slimming pill is not meant for all. It may have an adverse impact on some over weight people. People suffering with absorption of food problems, or problems related to the gallbladder must stay away from it. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use Xenical slimming pill. As Xenical affects the kidneys, so people suffering from kidney problems must inform their doctors. In that case doctors may recommend lower dosages or other helpful weight loss remedies. Other side effects caused due to the usage of Xenical are mild and preventable.

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How To Conrol You Weight with Xenical

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