black souldiva

Bucharest, Romania

I am anther girl just like you. I have a dream and i want to make it real... and that one is to write books.

I am 21 yr old. I was born in a small boring town in Romania. But seems like that was not a problem 'cause my imagination grow faster then me.

What i can tell about myself it is that i can be that girl that passes you by without saying "hello!" (even if i know you) but not because i didn't wanted to talk to you but because i didn't saw you. I am the one that always forgets someting at home, when i need it the most or when i am in the worst kind of rush. I am a warm person that likes to be around friends when they need me, but if you disappoint me i can act just like a diva. I may be your roommate, that small girl that never disturbs you, or all the opposite i can be that one that destroys all your day. In short words i can be who i wanna be... but in the end i am how you make me be...