Ayla Kurone

Hi, I’m BlackStatic. Also known as Ayla, Spencer, Kaigan or Francis/Marai.

I am an artist, musician, writer and amateur filmmaker from New South Wales, Australia. My primary subject matter focuses on science fiction, fantasy and anthropomorphic characters. I'm currently pursuing a Diploma in Screen Media, with the goal of creating multi-platform content for film, game and television. I love designing characters and developing worlds for them to interact in; through combining soundscape, visual design and elaborate story writing, I believe film and game content is the key to unlocking the potential of these creations.

Everything in my work has a unique and complex history behind it. This is what I want to bring to media as a whole; stories told to us by someone or something we never thought could exist. By bringing these creations to life, I plan to turn science fiction into science reality.

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