Craig Dunkerley

Founder and CEO of Blackthorn Group

A trusted choice of our clients seeking to ensure all areas of their finances work in synergy with each other for the highest possible returns.Many clients have stated that the Blackthorn team has a positive contagious nature along with being the only organization they have come across that brings together Income, Business, Investing, Taxes and Personal Growth all into one structure. This huge advantage enables clients to truly reap the Benefits that come with knowing and feeling secure about their finances.As Founder and CEO of Blackthorn Group, Craig’s passion is to help other’s find financial improvement and success. This notion is not only infectious but a testament to the company itself. It is one of his greatest beliefs that everyone should own a business to maximize their tax advantages along with taking control of their own life and future. He is driven to make a positive difference in people’s lives. One of his favourite quotes told to him by one of his mentor’s is: “For me to make a dime, I must help you make a dollar”. It is no wonder then since 2002 Blackthorn has grown significantly in volume, client base and business partnerships.

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