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Our philosolphy at BlackZone Controllers is to provide the best gaming experience possible. We are COMMITTED to delivering the support you need to get the results that you expect for total customer satisfaction. We really mean it when we say "We will do whatever we need to, and work as hard as we have to, in order for you to be satisfied with your BlackZone Controllers purchase.

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BLACKZONE CONTROLLERS transforms your gaming experience with advanced next generation technologies. Advanced features such as RAPID FIRE, AUTO-AIM, QUICK SCOPE, SNIPER BURST, AKIMBO, AND DROP SHOT when used individually or in combination create advanced weapons that give you the edge.

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BLACKZONE CONTROLLERS is the #1 leader in modded controller technology. Our team consists of engineers, customer service reps and game architects that understand our customers requirements. We listen to our customers and we're innovating the way people play video games. Buy xbox one controller and ps4 controller at a low price Now!

BLACKZONE CONTROLLER. Our controllers were designed for ease of use, and the ability to quickly change modes during gameplay. Using the manual which describes all of the modes and Rapid Fire subsets, when used together, enable the player to tailor the perfect gameplay experience.

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