Cliff Blade

Cliff Blade

Name: Cliff Blade

Rank: SSG

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Married with three children

Stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina as a Drill Sergeant assigned to 1-34Bravo Co. 3 PLT

11 years of Military Service

Military History:

2000-Enlisted into the United States Marine Corps as a Private (E-1)

Served as a 1391 Petroleum Supply Specialist

As a 1391, deployed to Australia, Guam and Japan

2004 Served as 0352 Anti-Tank Missileman

As a 0352, deployed twice with the 3 BN 5 Marine Corps Regiment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Anbar Provence.

2008-Enlisted into the United States Army as a Sergeant (E-5)

Served as a 92F in the 1 Infantry Division

As a 92F, deployed to Baghdad in 2008 in support of blank

Currently serving as a Drill Sergeant in 1-34BN Bravo Co.

As we celebrate America's birthday, I'd like to take time to thank all of our members of the Armed Services, present, past and future for their sacrifices.