Blade Thomas

Writer in Irvine, California

I am a world-class direct response copywriter. I write copy that generates leads and inspires readers to buy products and services because whatever I am writing about can improve their life, health, finances, and brain power.

I write infomercials in print. I attract attention with my headline, create interest with my opening paragraph, build desire with benefits, and bring it all together with a compelling story about reasons why you should buy and an irresistible offer that makes the reader want to take action immediately.

I believe the more you tell, the more you sell. Just as you would not limit your salesman to the number of words he uses, I do not limit my copy to the number of words I write.

I use pictures too. It has been said that one picture is worth 1,000 words.

That is true. It is just as true as the picture you paint with words is worth 1,000 pictures. This is because the image it creates comes from the readers imagination, the movie in their mind, and for this reason there is no limit to the number of pictures words can create.

If you have something to sell, a story to tell, and you are an honest, reputable, and well funded person or enterprise, we should talk.

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Thanks for your time and attention.