Blaed Spence

Director of Innovation in the United States

Blaed Spence

Director of Innovation in the United States

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I thrive at the convergence of tradition and innovation, where new technologies fuse with the magic of storytelling.


From the Apple Multimedia Lab, Wired Magazine, WiredTV, and Silicon Valley’s most celebrated think-tanks to Hollywood, my career has played out on the frontier of emerging media, technological, and cultural trends.

I'm driven to create meaningful storytelling, and art-as-action installations, that utilize old and new technologies in public space and environments.

With key collaborators, I build compelling, transformative offerings — ecosystems large and small that blend physical and digital into seamless, immersive, human-centered experiences.

Professionally, I'm a seasoned creative who's devoted to co-creating a future dedicated to the greater good.

Artistically, I'm devoted to re-awakening awe.

I believe story is First Food — a term I've coined to describe a sustenance so powerful it shapes both heart and mind.

What we imagine — what we speak in the stories we tell ourselves and each other — we manifest, individually and collectively. In this way, I seek to forge a bold, collective vision of the world we *wish* to create. Words that awaken wonderment. Stories that spark imagination. Narratives that invoke hope and our highest selves.

I seek to build a new map for a new world. To make the *consciously* imagined real.

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