Blaine Becker

Grove City, PA

Blaine Becker is currently a Second-Semester Freshman at Grove City College. He studies Music and majors in Percussion Performance. He enjoys talking with friends and conversing for long periods at a time. He is a fast learner and when given a task, does it as efficiently and accurate as possible. He hopes to one day perform in a prefessional Orchestra in a major city. He is a very spirited and joyful individual who enjoys keeping busy, whether it be with practicing his instrument, catching up on current television shows, or being with friends.

As much as he aspires to be a professional musician, Blaine also likes the idea of playing rock music with friends for fun. Being the middle child, Blaine always had enough company growing up, being able to deal and grow with the experience of frustration and dealing with other people. He has worked in both making food and serving food to customers. He is practiced at dealing with different varieties of customers and people.

  • Work
    • Roy Rogers
  • Education
    • Patuxent High School
    • College of Southern Maryland
    • Grove City