Blaine Wilson

Technical Program Manager in Seattle, Washington

Focused on balancing the important things in life: work, fun, service, religion, and family.

LEADER - I’m a positive change agent who’s not afraid to step in front to take charge and affect change.

BUILDER - I’m passionate about creating, whether it be relationships, teams, solutions, or value. I’m a builder!

SOLVER - Give me a problem to solve, and I’ll thrive. As an intuitive problem solver, I seek and find solutions.

DESIGNER - Whether it be graphical, instructional, procedural, or organizational, I design with a focus on form, function, and supportability.

TEACHER - It’s hard to compete with the satisfaction that comes from igniting a light of understanding in a learner. I love teaching.

LEARNER - There’s a whole world out there! I have an inquisitive nature and an insatiable appetite for learning and discovery.

  • Work
    • Oracle
  • Education
    • Central Washington University