Blair Kay

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nice to meet you!

Here's a bit about this production-savvy project manager who's got a great eye for creative.

Having been an theatre actor, writer and director, as well as a photographer and visual artist, I've been labelled a Jack-of-All-Trades with a love of storytelling.

With an ex-ad-man for a father, I was bred to be brand-conscious, and it's no wonder I ended up in the agency world.

I enjoy working on a variety of projects - whether that's ideation & content creation for a new brand, or having fun by making a cozy, faux-fireplace for the office Christmas party. I love taking an idea from start to finish, and ensuring the client and the audience is happy with the result.

Born and bred in Toronto, with a 2.5 year stint in London, England, I'm happy to have brought a UK flare back to my hometown.