Blair Marcus Proctor, PhD

Consultant, Writer, and Doctor in Atlanta, Georgia

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Blair Marcus Proctor, PhD, Michigan State University (MSU) alumnus, graduate in African American and African Studies (AAAS) with a specialization in Historical Sociology.

Proctor's dissertation research focuses on how Blackness and spatial boundaries that are historically significant shapes identity formation among South African Coloureds and New Orleans Afro-Creoles.

From an African Diasporic perspective, his analysis and research methodology involves sociological qualitative and historical methods.

Proctor formerly worked as a Lead Tutor for the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech (GT), Spring semester 2016.

Proctor has traveled to South Africa, Dominican Republic, and New Orleans conducting graduate-level research and participating in various academic conferences and panel discussions. Proctor also formerly worked as a consultant for the Michigan State Writing Center and facilitated for the Writing Center satellite at the Michigan State Student Athletic Support Services (SASS) during fall 2014/spring 2015.

Proctor also formerly worked as a graduate assistant for the MSU MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program for the Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) during fall2013/spring2014.

Additionally, Proctor worked for the City of Phoenix, Arizona as an urban planner from January 2006 to July 2012, prior to transition into the MSU AAAS doctoral program.

Proctor received both his B.S. in urban planning and masters of geographical sciences and environmental planning with a focus in community development, Arizona State University (ASU).

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