Blair Ashby

My name is Blair Ashby. I'm an author, speaker, life coach, record producer and really nice guy. In 1993 I was asked to record and edit a spiritual teacher named Thomas Keating. That began a profound journey of self discovery for me. Soon after that beginning with Keating, I started getting hired to record spiritual teachers from all over the world and from every major religion.

I learned at these conferences that at the root of them, all the world’s religions and most philosophies are really concerned with one thing. How can you and I live our lives to our desired highest potential. However, I also learned that deep spiritual thinkers talk in deep spiritual ways and the common person like me had to really reach to understand what they were saying.

In other words, none of what I heard made any sense to me! That all began to change in January 2009 when I hit midlife head on and I fell into clinical depression. I spent fourteen months in depression before I sought help. Additionally, within a year after starting therapy, I went through a personal bankruptcy and then a divorce. Finally, I started to pay attention to my heart and I spent the next three years rebuilding my life on new foundations. These foundations are shaped by the teachings of the spiritual masters and modern science.

I'm now bridging that divide between the deep spiritual thinkers, science and us. It started with my first book three years ago. It continued with my website, workshops, speaking, and now extensive life coaching. I'm trying to bring the deep spiritual thinkers concepts to the normal person on the street. I strip the theology out (although I use theological stories a lot) and then I try to explain the concepts in basic biological, neurological and psychological language. My goal is that any person, regardless of his or her spiritual beliefs, can use this information to live a fuller, more empowered, more contented and peaceful life. A life lived to your highest potential.