Blair Jensen

Victoria, Canada

Two pillars of business for me have always been Creativity and Communication.

Creativity is essential for helping to keep the mind open and alert to what is possible and to allow any idea to evolve over time. With creativity, you can overcome many more challenges than without it.

Communication starts before the first word is uttered, no matter what the situation. The stronger the communication is, the better the result and the experience is for all involved. With communication, you can overcome misunderstandings and confusion that often damage working relationships and project results.

Every project I invest time and energy into, no matter how big or small, have creativity and communication as key components and greatly increase the opportunities for short and long-term success.

My experience is very wide-range and therefore allows me to understand client needs much easier and enables me to draw upon a lot more resources to bring to the table.

  • Work
    • President, Make-Believe Creative Ventures, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of British Columbia
    • Kwantlen College
    • Vancouver Film school