Blair Simpson Thomas Olesen

Hello! My name is Blair Olesen, and I live an in Scotland, nice i may not be good looking as anyone from the third row, but i am a good friend to my friends and i am determined to create graphical items and story writing, in my free time of-course, but all in all, i am determined to work hard.

Oh and by the way... don't get me confused with those twins that have the same last name as me, Not Related here.

I have hobbies of my own, but there is one that i am most fond of, and that is Warhammer 40,000 from the Wargame Store called Games-Workshop, good place to find books to read, models to make and paint and also art pieces that are made for the shop.

So far i am going for an HND Visual Communication level and hoping that i go to the UWS (University of the West of Scotland), but anyway i am going to look forward to the UWS and hope that it is well.

I had been with the Scottish Karate group twice, once when i was little and the second time i stayed to a black belt level, and i did go to competitions that the only trophy that was able to get is bronze and that is all.

Oh yeah!

i am also a Member of the Scouts, and i am a Young Leader or Leader of the Cubs Scouts here in Scotland South Ayrshire Prestwick, but they are a handfull though.

Went to the 21st World Scout Jamboree and the only thing i can tell you about it is that it is Big and i do mean BIG.

I do enjoy music if you are think about it, just the good old Rock music that is the best ever, and i have to agree with Billy Connelly about Christians and Rock, they should never be mixed, never! but the Rock and Roll bands are good enough to relax anyone and reenergise them to the maximum!

Films as well, Xbox 360 games, PC Games and some RPG games as well that i like, and where is the harm in enjoying them?????

Anime and Manga i do like from time to time, and not on the dot though, Work Is In Need Of Doing!

I may not be the best Graphic Designer in the World but i am one of those people who will do the job right there and get paid for finishing it, and i will get each subject or brief finished