Blair Patrick Schuyler

Editor in Los Angeles, California

"A seasoned writer with an irrepressible love for the English language." As trite as that sounds, it's the truth. As a writer, I find the essence of the material and make it shine. Having completed my memoir, I understand that the rhythm of language is just as important as the message. As an editor/proofreader, I scrub a piece of copy with a practiced eye until it gleams. I've edited novels, business proposals, short story anthologies, legal documents, blogs, essays, resumes, and much more. No detail is insignificant. No stone is left unturned.

I'm available as a freelance writer/proofreader/editor for practically any task in almost any arena. I am able to utilize my extensive writing abilities to craft original content across a variety of platforms and subjects, with careful attention paid to the customization of my work according to client specifications and requests. I specialize in screenplay editing and proofreading personal/professional web content.

If you need someone who is quick, efficient, incredibly detail-oriented, and possesses an inherent work ethic rarely found in today's shortcut climate, then I'm your man.

The following are excerpts from my memoir, "Adolescence Interrupted," now available on Amazon.

"The more I obsessed about control, the less real influence I seemed to wield over the trajectory of my course. There is only so much any of us can do to construct the bubble, and the most important thing life can teach us is how easily that bubble can pop."

"There are a few select friendships I regret dissolving, and those regrets are something I’ve carried. But, a new environment with new scenery sometimes painted the past with a blurry brush. Every step was an original lesson in anticipating what was ahead and remembering what I’d left behind. It was the only way to move forward."

"Removing ideas from my head, even in their infancy, was an almost impossible task. Notions bounced off walls like a manic game of pinball and there was nothing I could do to quiet the bells or dim the lights. I could argue it was a form of focus, but it registered more as compulsion. This propensity for cerebral hypervigilance had regularly gotten me off my ass, but it also made for an interesting romance with insomnia."

"We sat in chairs and talked in circles. Indistinguishable adjectives trying to describe a measurement of health. It was all just blindfolded darts and heavy-footed ballet."

  • Education
    • Ithaca College