Blair Slavin, CMT

West Hollywood, California, United States

I am the owner and operator of
Massage By Blair

I am known as "The Glute Master" as my specialty is aleviate lower back pain and sciatica/piriformus syndrome which is primarily caused by tight glutes and hip flexors.

Beyond that I am a native Californian, who loves KettleBells, Dinosaur Lifting Style of old, All things Disney, Travel, Cooking and Eating, a big fan of Tim Ferris and his 4 Hour life philosophy. Working on my drawing and writing on a daily basis.

I believe you are the 5 people you surround yourself with, am currently working on a 21 day challenge of no complaining (it takes awhile to get the swing of this). Working with my ADHD mentality by incorporating minimalism (paper free living with and making my iPad my central hub for information...finding you can do well with less distractions in your life. Also meditation has now creeped into my morning ritual. As to the end results... not sure yet. Also belive in the power of knowing when your are going to pass on in life and using that as a focus to motivate you.

  • Work
    • Massage By Blair
  • Education
    • IPSB Massage Institute, Santa Monica School of Massage, UCLA