Blair Waldorf

Blair Cornelia Waldorf is the main character of Gossip Girl, introduced in the original novel series and also appearing in the television and manga adaptations of the same name. Described as "a girl of extremes" by creator Cecily von Ziegesar, she is a comical overachiever who possesses snobbish and sensitive sides. Due to her position as queen bee of Manhattan's social scene, Blair's actions and relations are under constant scrutiny from the mysterious Gossip Girl, a popular blogger. According to Leighton Meester, the television actress, some of Blair's biggest vices are her "insecurities" with regard to her social status.At times, this anxiety creates flaws and complexities which contribute to character development. In Meester's view, the true Blair is ultimately a "good girl" at heart. Blair has been compared to vintage film and literary figures, including Becky Sharp and Lizzie Eustace. Meester's portrayal of the character has also drawn comparisons to roles played by Joan Collins and Audrey Hepburn. She is the most critically acclaimed character of the franchise, while producers of the TV series have also called Blair the queen at the center of their chess game. In addition, the television character has garnered noted real-life attention. In 2011, Blair was at the center of a love triangle which polarized both fans and journalists. She was later involved in a controversial scene which again drew significant media interest. Throughout the show's duration, the character has also received real-life recognition for her popular wardrobe.