Blake Johnson

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

I am a sophomore & student-athlete at Syracuse University majoring in Sport Management in the David B. Falk School of Sport and Human Dynamics. Right now, I am focusing on developing a strong background in the sport industry through my college classes, D1 soccer team, extracurricular activities, and other opportunities I am presented with.

I am looking for a career in community relations because of my love for reaching out to those in need and giving others the opportunity to succeed. Due to my experience with soccer, I would love to work for the MLS in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington D.C, but would also enjoy a job with NBA Cares, MSG Garden of Dreams, and other established community outreach programs. I feel that organizations, players, coaches, and everyone in the sports industry are people who are often idolized and respected. Athletes, coaches, owners, and sport industry professionals are in high profile positions which grants them many opportunities to to extend a helping hand to their communities.

  • Education
    • Syracuse University