Blake Allen

Hi there, Whether you know me and are trying to get in contact or just creeping, I welcome you to my page!

I currently live in Halifax Nova Scotia, although I come from Saint John, New Brunswick. I graduated from Saint John High school as a proud Greyhound. I am studying at Dalhousie University, working towards a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Theatre. The man I am today is thanks to the friends I have made, and the problems I've faced. If all of that comes from High school alone, who knows who i might become or what I'll accomplish after my University career is over.

First of all, I'll give you a few triggers that make me very happy if mentioned :

Dominican Republic


Casual hang outs on rooftops

Spontaniously bursting into song

Cheesy horror flicks

Long walks on the beach


I have Camp Councilor-itis.

Symptoms include:

Starting every story with "Well I'm a camp councilor and..."

Everything you say or do can and will be related to a camp story

Favorite songs:

Forever by Youngblood Hawk
Holidays by Miami Horror
Sleep Forever by Portugal the man

I have recently become a Phi Keia member. It looks like a good group of guys just wanting to put in just as much as they want to take out of the program. It seems strange knowing that these men sitting beside me in meetings will end up as great friends. By the end of the 8 weeks we'll know so much about each other (probably a bit too much about each other...) and we'll forget all about the times we never knew each others names.

I can lick my elbow.

My passion in life is performing, whether it's Theatre, Camp fires or just me in my room annoying my neighbors with my guitar.

Some Roles I have played:

Smee in Peter Pan

Robin hood in Robin Hood The Pantomime

Extra Greaser Aka. Pelvic Thrust Boy in Grease

Simeon in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat

Funky Godfather of Soul in Cinderella the Pantomime

Thanks for reading and hope you know a little more about me.