James Blake

Content Development Coordinator in Melbourne, Australia

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In three emojis I'd be👌, 📻, 🙌

I'm an extremely passionate media creator and developer at SYN in Melbourne, where I have done everything from news reading to panel operating, pulling the graveyard shift to running workshops on what actually makes great content.

Since starting at SYN in 2011, I've hosted on shows like 'Double Dump' and 'Hyper Ninja Force' and produced the Under 18 drive program 'Objection' (now Amplify).

Radio is my major but video and written work are close seconds, the fact is when thumbing through your newsfeed you want stuff that grabs you, it doesn't matter if that is audio, video, text or a smoothie of all three.

I'm a quick learner and a lover of tech, if I haven't tried a software program before I'll be picking it apart in my spare time.

When I can, I grab some time behind the mic but at the moment I'm focused on developing shows and concepts and building Australia's next media makers.

Want to have a chat? Shoot me an email chatwithblakey@icloud.com

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