Blake Baxter


Blake Baxter is an American techno musician, associated with the first wave of Detroit techno.

"perhaps the most versatile techno figure" of the early Detroit techno scene Blake Baxter is called the Prince of Techno by his peers He is also referenced as one of the creators of Detroit techno music.

Blake Baxter style of techno music is his innovation called tech house a fusion of Detroit style techno and Chicago style house music influence Blake Baxter started this style in 1987.

Baxter first began mixing records in the middle of the 1980s. Some of his first releases was recorded in Chicago on the label DJ International, which was latter remixed and released in Detroit on the record label KMS Records, KMS-011. also in Detroit He released music on the Underground Resistance label an EP 12 inch vinyl (The Prince of Techno) UR-06 in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and had several of his productions featured on (The New Dance Sound of Detroit) compilation the album that show cased and defined the Detroit techno sound. Around 1989-92 he released three 12 inches records on Incognito Records Sexually,Crimes of the hart and When we used to play remixes.

While touring in Germany in Berlin, he released One more time on Tresor records and "Brothers Gonna Work it Out on Logic records in Frankfurt a track based on Willie Hutch's 1973 eponymous release, which was later sampled by The Chemical Brothers. After returning to Detroit, he set up 3MG (Mix Media Music Group) with the labels Mix Records and Phat Joint, Afrodesitrax and The Sound Republic all under the 3MG umbrella and open a record store in downtown Detroit called Save the Vinyl from 1992 to 1999

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1.Work your Body aka Body work / Dj international / remix rerelease on KMS 1985/87
2.When we used to play / Mix rec. / KMS
3.Sexuality / Mix Rec / Incognito
4.When a thought becomes you / UR Underground Resistance
5.One More Time / Mix Rec. / Tresor / Logic
6.Brother Gonna wok it out / Mix Rec. / Tresor / Logic
7.Our Luv / Mix Records / Disko
8.Club Fantasy / Mix Rec. / The Sound Republic of Detroit
9.What Happen / ADR
10. 2010 / Muzik Blake Baxter vs Marc Romboy / Systematic

2011 / She is music Psycatron feat: Blake Baxter /Planet E records

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