Blake Carlisle

With my own small animation studio, it’s quite a rewarding experience to be able to enjoy your work and earn big money at the same time. Plus, the gratifying feeling of helping out other gifted artists develop their exceptional talent in art.

My passion in drawing made me decide to study Video Animation in college. Aside from motion pictures, I'm also into graphic design, illustration and painting. I've worked for many local animation studios, design art companies for printing products and fine art schools as an Instructor.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, USA

HOBBIES: sketching zombies, playing cards, photo editing, layouting.

FAVORITE ARTISTS: Zach Johnsen, Lapin, Audrey Kawasaki, Silke Werzinger

FAVORITE WEBSITES:RB Portraits, BLU, Drawn!, Scritch And Scratch, Business Card Printing Online