Blake Easter

They say "Life is a journey, not a destination", which is to say that no one ever arrives. If the same can be said about music, then let it also be said that the best among us will embrace these voyages; Blake Easter is a man who is anything but afraid of the journey. In 2001, Blake graduated with a Recording Arts Degree from Full Sail University, an education that was quickly put to use when he recorded and released his first solo album in 2004. His work as an artist led him to found and front the band Gentlemen At Arms in 2006, a band that has toured nationally on the strength of their debut record, which was produced by Lynn Nichols (Switchfoot, Delirious?, Mat Kearney). His talent for songwriting, once apparent, produced requests for him to write songs for artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Brittany Spears, 3 Doors Down & Saliva (to name a few). Several songs that he has co-written have been recorded by artists, including the radio single "Beautiful" by Bread of Stone. Throughout this time, Blake was leading worship for various congregations across the country, serving the local church. While walking this path, a parallel journey started taking shape. Beginning with his work for the non-profit organization Global Tribe in 2009, Blake moved into performing PR work for artists on an independent level. His success in this field got him hired by Nashville-based production team LYNTT as an A&R;/Marketing rep, as well as their studio manager. His time in this position provided him with a wide range of experience (including a chance to perform voiceover work on many videos, perhaps most notably world-class vocal coach Kim Wood Sandusky's "Vocal Builder Series"); which he has begun to share with fellow musicians via a number of industry blogs he contributes to. They say "All roads lead to Rome", which is to say that Rome has seen a lot of pavement. If the same can be said of Music, then Blake Easter is a man who has walked his fair share of roads... and walked them with style.