Blake Hampson

Gold Coast, Australia

Culturally, I’m an Australian nationalist — but not a protectionist — because I believe everyone should love and prioritise their own people and culture, but free-trade (not immigration) usually leads to the best economic outcome for everyone, including your own people.

Philosophically, I’m an orthodox Mormon naturalist, with social-conservative and parental-libertarian views on government policy. I believe in the free market and free trade, while defending the vulnerable and giving all people a fair go — and then again sometimes nihilistic tendencies towards it all.

Professionally, I’m a chronic early adopter. A questioner and improver. A miner and refiner of good ideas. I work best as a project lead, with people who are fun to reason with and enjoy bouncing ideas around. I believe in a future of abundance — not scarcity — through increased accessibility to sustainable technology and innovation for all. But improving healthcare is my lifelong professional passion.

Privately, I’m an introvert when I can, and an extrovert when I must. I enjoy hiking into remote places and board sports like snowboarding, kiteboarding, longboarding. I inhale non-fiction books that explain the ‘why?’, have lessons from the past, and acquaint me with great people. Continued childhood obsession with close-up magic and card tricks. Possibly dislexic. Still figuring things out, but probably should have become something by now.

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