blake hampton

so life rolls on. sometimes it feels like i'm in the middle of the river where it's peaceful and calm. other times like i'm backtracing the wake of my own life, backeddying against the flow of where i ought to be, getting sucked inevitably upstream when all i want to do is get on with it and flow downstream to wherever it is i'm going.

out to sea.

like bursting back into the stars after death, letting the silver strands of soul leave the body, flowing back to the beginning. the beginning that is the end and is without bounds. existing here and now and everywhere at once in the cool blue logic of limitless space.

sfo was a bit like that. trying to catch up with a drop of life that had long flowed past, hoping to somehow merge then and now and make it all okay for everyone. i admit i am not man enough to make that happen.

kid, i miss you. of course you're a horse. i hope you are okay.

your long ago tiger pal, blake