blake harrison

San Francisco

In 2003 Neurology experts deemed me "Disabled forever". I was never going to play sports, go to college or leave the care of my parents. In 2005 began exploring all natural supplements (herbs, vitamins and aminos) in hopes that it would aid in the regeneration of my mind and body. In 2004 I began studying supplements and nutrition at Virginia Tech. 2007 I was awarded the Medal of Valor. Ever since I have been working with a team of athletes to create the ultimate "one stop shop" supplement including your: herbal fat burners, nitrogen boosters, the best creatine on the planet, beta alanine, bcaa's, nootropics (brain vitamins) all in a single scoop. No, my supplement Flex Fuel isn't a magic potion that gives u the body of your dreams. Flex Fuel is a magic potion that unlocks your ability to focus and train hard enough to earn the body of your dreams! Go to and use "sponsored" as the coupon code to get 45% OFF Flex Fuel!

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