Blake Harvey

New York City, Ny, Usa

A New York City native, Blake Harvey has always understood the importance of finding your voice in a crowd of millions. At an early age, start-up businesses, brand awareness, and guerilla marketing were always interests, and at heart, Blake knew he’d never find his voice working for anyone but himself. At 20 years old, he founded Lawrence Blake Group Int'l., a New York-based independent corporate communications and public relations firm. In his free time, Blake commits himself to raising awareness on the importance of arts education for youth in America's public schools. Lawrence Blake Ventures, the philanthropic arm of Lawrence Blake Group Int'l., extends pro-bono communications counsel to rising artists, and produces public events throughout the United States that benefit young artists and nonprofit organizations who provide arts education programs to public schools. Today, Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. operates four diverse practices that span four continents, including Lawrence Blake USA, Lawrence Blake Latino, Lawrence Blake Middle East, and Lawrence Blake Asia-Pacific. When asked where he sees himself in five years, Blake responds; “I’ve always been one to attempt to strategically plan my path, but at the end of the day, it’s just that, an attempt. I’m slowly learning to live each day like it’s my last while showing love and support to those around me. If I must answer, in five years, I see myself giving back to my community in ways I could never have imagined, through the arts, culture and education”.