Blake Karrington

The quintessential self made man, Blake Karrington realized at a young age that he was responsible for his own success, actively applying the mantra money is power. Early on Blake exhibited the entrepreneurial spirit, starting his first business selling Kool-Aid at the age of nine. This was Blake's first taste of success, but not his last.After many years of being on the retail side of the book industry, after a meeting and talking with author Shannon Holmes, Blake decided to become a publisher. With the first novel that he published, 'Little Ghetto Girl', Blake achieved unprecedented success. The novel caught the eye of publishing giant Simon & Schuster, which later bought the rights to the novel. After that he published other titles as well with limited success. Blake witnessed firsthand the trial and tribulations of the publishing industry. Dissatisfied with the many authors lackadaisical attitude, Blake decided to try his hand at writing a novel. He figured he was just as qualified as another author in the urban genre, to write a novel. After all he lived the street life. Once again, he sought out longtime friend and confidant, renowned urban writer Shannon Holmes, for advice. Under his tutelage Blake began to secretly craft his own novel. After nine months of hard work, Blake has finally achieved what he set out to do, craft a first-rate novel. Intending to set the world on it's ear, Blake is planning on show the world just how far, one can go with a hustler mentality