Blake Killian

I'm the Social Media Director @zehndercom in New Orleans, and you need to know it's my dream job. I love my girl, Beez, my baby boy, Benny, and my poodle, Chopper. I love food, cooking it and eating it. I love to travel, and I plan to see most of the world before I die (that's Machu Picchu in the background!). I love TV, especially Apple TV - Mad Men is one of the best shows ever. I love my MacBook Pro. I want to love my iPhone.

I'm very likely a magazine hoarder. I'm addicted to Amazon 1-click and KCRW Eclectic24. I love the Lemon Loaf from Starbucks, and I flip slices of it upside-down when I eat them so that the last four or five bites involve icing. I wonder if that says something about me?

I want it all and am working to get it.

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