Blake Leibel

Comic book creator, movie screenwriter, and animation director Blake Leibel has led a multifaceted career in the entertainment industry, establishing himself as an up-and-coming talent. In 2008, He debuted the space opera comic series United Free Worlds, working mostly with editor Jeff Wood and illustrator Patrick Blaine over the course of seven issues distributed by Devil’s Due Publishing, Inc. In addition to his work on his comic, Blake Leibel wrote the screenplay for and directed the comedy film Bald. Most importantly, in television, Blake Leibel collaborated with legendary Hollywood producer Mel Brooks on Spaceballs: The Animated Series as a director, creative consultant, storyboard supervisor, and character designer.

In 2010, Blake Leibel released Syndrome, a 104-page sci-fi graphic novel he created with Daniel Quantz, R.J. Ryan, and David Marquez and published through Archaia Comics’ Black Label line. Most recently, Blake Leibel completed the screenplay for the film Psychopomp, a futuristic tale about a madman with high-tech weaponry and a rigid moral code. Children of Men producer Hilary Shor acquired the screenplay for Psychopomp in 2010, with Lawrence Lango attached to co-produce and all multimedia intellectual property handled by Fantasy Prone LLC for a 2012 release.
Blake Leibel has also gained recognition as an expert gamer, winning the world championship title for Half-Life, a classic first-person shooter, from 1998 to 2000, as well as the online multiplayer world championship title for the game’s popular expansion pack, Half-Life: Opposing Force.